Flood Estimation Handbook Web Service

To access catchment, point, and rainfall data you will need to create an account and purchase credits.

  • A single catchment retrieval costs 10 credits
  • A single point data retrieval costs 2 credits

What do I get when I purchase a catchment or a point?

No. credits purchased Price per credit Per catchment retrieval Per point data retrieval Credit/Debit Card Purchase Order
0 - 149 £2.75 £27.50 £5.50 check
150 - 499 £2.50 £25.00 £5.00 check
500 - 999 £2.20 £22.00 £4.40 check
1000 - 1999 £1.93 £19.30 £3.86 check check
2000 - 9999 £1.65 £16.50 £3.30 check check
10000 - 49999 £1.10 £11.00 £2.20 check
50000 - 99999 £0.55 £5.50 £1.10 check

Please note that payment must be received prior to the release of credits and all prices shown on this page are exclusive of VAT.

To purchase credits click on ‘Buy Credit’ under ‘Your Account’.

Payment methods

Credit/debit card payments

If you are paying by credit/debit card (for orders below 10,000 credits), your credits will automatically be allocated to your account once payment has been made.

Paying by purchase order

If you are purchasing 1,000 credits or more, you will have the option to select purchase order as the method of payment when you check out.

Purchases of 10,000 credits or more must be paid by purchase order.

Payment can be made via cheque or bank transfer; payment details are detailed on the pro forma. Once we receive payment we will allocate your credits and notify you by email.

FEH Web Service credit pricing increased from the 3rd January 2023.

The FEH Web Service was launched in 2015 with a pay-as-you-go charging model replacing the previous FEH CD-ROM upfront three year licence fee. Income generated through the FEH Web Service pays for the maintenance and development of the web service platform itself and is also re-invested into the web service's underpinning scientific research base. Pricing for the FEH Web Service has remained unchanged since launch in 2015, but rose for the first time in January 2023. The increase in pricing reflects the 12 month CPI rate increase at August 2022 of 10% and will be applied equally across all purchasing size bands.

The discounted rate for Educational and Research Use has not increased.

school Educational and Research users

A discounted rate is available for Educational and Research Use*. The cost is £150 (excluding VAT) for 1,000 credits (£1.50 per catchment retrieval).

The credits will all be assigned to a single, designated Web Service account.

If you qualify for this offer we will issue you with a licence certificate along with a pro forma invoice for payment — we do not accept credit/debit card payments for Educational and Research Use licenses. The signed licence certificate and payment must be received before the credits are allocated.

Please contact us if you would like to set up an Educational and Research Use account.

* Educational and Research Use means use of the Service for the purpose of teaching and learning, and/or teacher training and which does not involve direct or indirect commercial gain, or for bona fide research to further a body of knowledge, the resulting research papers of which, will be disseminated widely and without delay within the academic community or in the public domain. Such research papers will not be held for the exclusive information or use of the research sponsor or sponsors or in any way restricted from access to the academic community or the wider public.